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Day 0: we have a website!!

By Folk Combo, Sep 1 2014 11:06AM

Happy to present to all of you our little window to the world, where we will share all the good and bad this adventure might bring to us, and now, also to you!!! xxx

Sep 1 2014 02:28PM by David

Looks pretty good!!!

Oct 8 2014 11:25PM by David bandido flautista


Oct 20 2014 10:16PM by Sharon

love it already! best website on the entire internet. <3

Nov 30 2014 07:23PM by Frederik

On the road for a week already and still nothing to write about? What's happening out there guys?

Nov 30 2014 09:12PM by Vincent

ha Guys, everything OK ??

Dec 14 2014 02:51PM by Alastair

Hi, it was great to see you in Nova Ves and have a few tunes. Hope the journey is all you expect it to be. Drop in on your way back. Good luck!

Dec 14 2014 03:06PM by Frederik

Hi guys, liked the update on Berlin, nice reading. The new track is beautiful, I love it!! Looking forward to your musical interpretation of Prague (Polka?). Keep up the good work!

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